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Your Inner Leader

Your “Inner Leader” by Robert Landau

Are you a leader in your life?

A leader envisions a task, and then goes about accomplishing that task in the best way they can.  Motivational leadership happens when others watch a leader facilitating a task and admire the way they go about it and the results they’ve gotten.

Each one of us has an “Inner Leader”.  It comes to the fore when we stand out of its way.  It has everything to do with confidence and positivity.  If you let your “Inner Leader” lead you in life, you will reach the finish line even before you realize that you’ve gotten there.  Leadership is a part of your heartbeat, it’s a part of your breath and it’s who and what you are.

Here are seven easy-to-follow steps to life leadership:

  1. Believe there is a leader within you.
  2. Map out how you will get from A to Z for any task that requires leadership
  3. Believe you can get there
  4. Feel what it’s like already accomplishing the task even though it hasn’t happened yet
  5. Repeat step 4 as often as possible until the results are achieved
  6. Stand out of the way and let it happen
  7. Don’t worry about WHEN your goal will be achieved, just KNOW it will happen when it is supposed to.

Leading is something you came here to do.  It’s your path, it’s your life, it’s your destiny.  All you have to do is stand out of the way!

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Source: RobertLandauMotivation.com, August 31, 2013

Authentic Leadership


According to Bill George who wrote the book True North, authentic leaders not only inspire those around them, they empower people to step up and lead. The authentic leader brings people together around a shared purpose and empowers them to step up and lead authentically in order to create value for all stakeholders.


The journey to Authentic Leadership is:


  • Self Awareness
  • Values and Principles
  • Motivation
  • Integrated Life
  • Knowing your Authentic Self


Self Awareness: When you know yourself, you can find the passion that motivates you, and the purpose of your leadership. Leaders who know themselves well become comfortable in their own skin, act consistently in different situations and gain the trust of others.


Values and Principles: Being centered on your values is not easy, but it is essential to true leadership. When you have a clear understanding of your values and their relative importance, you can establish the principles by which you intend to lead.


Motivation: There are two types of motivation: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivations are measured by the outside world, and include winning athletic competitions or making money.


Intrinsic on the other hand stem from a personal sense of meaning of ones life. This can include personal growth, helping other people develop, and making a difference in this world. As individuals grow in their leadership capabilities, they tend to pursue roles that are in tune with helping others and making a difference.


Integrated Life: Authentic leaders are constantly aware of the importance of staying grounded: spending time with family, close friends, getting physical exercise, practicing spirituality, and doing community service.


In our next installment we’ll explore more of the center item – Knowing Your Authentic Self.


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