The Challenges of Change

Businesses are facing change like never before.  Numerous driving forces to this change include a rapidly expanding marketplace (Globalization) and increasing competition, diversity among consumers, and availability to new forms of technology.  Creativity and innovation are often the key to the success of a changing business, particularly when developing new strategic directions or designing new products and services.

It is easy for management to say, “We want to innovate,” yet it is difficult to leave what you know behind for a visit to the unknown and what may even be chaos.  The steps towards innovation include breakdown, breakthroughs, complexity, mystery and manifestation.  These foster an environment for exploration, imagination, acceptable risks and what ifs.

Breakdown means taking the situation breaking it down to manageable pieces.

Breakthrough is allowing people to brainstorm ideas and bounce ideas off one another for all possibilities.

Complexity can be caused by too many options.  Keep it simple!

Mystery appears when the solution is not totally obvious and the pros and cons need to be analyzed.

Manifestation is when people in the organization begin understanding and seeing the benefits and living the changes.

Through these steps toward innovation, you may face challenges.  Being a creative and magnetic leader will help your organization manage through change, and succeed in the end goal!  Remember:  You can’t spell challenge without change!