Opposing Forces of Success and Balance


I recently had a conversation with one of my employees about work-life balance and she questioned me on how I achieve my balance.  My response was, “Do I?”  This prompted me to contemplate my life and the balance of work and play.

  • I have always enjoyed working and maintain I have no plans to retire. 
  • I think about work first thing in the morning.
  • I live work all day, and I go to bed contemplating new ideas. 
  • I take time each day to treat my body right.
  • I drink lots of water.  
  • I prepare three amazingly healthy meals. 
  • I am a student of naturopathic health solutions. 
  • I work out.  I meet up with friends. 
  • I watch my favorite television programs. 
  • I read and read and read.


So what exactly is balance?

I read once that it is the pull of opposing forces that keeps you balanced.

My life would be incomplete and disappointing if I did not have my business and the satisfaction I gleam from bringing customer service and employee loyalty to new heights.  And, I would be equally disappointed if I failed to enjoy the beautiful city in which I live, cherish and nurture the relationships with my family and friends, and care for and respect my body.

I am resolved to believe that perfectly balancing these opposing forces to a point of static is unattainable and unrealistic.  For me, a balance is achieved by satisfying the tensions created, harnessing energy from both and living my life each day.

Balance for everyone is not the same.  Others looking at my life could say I work far too much.  Yet, the joy I derive at work brings great value to the balance I seek in life.

In the end, you must:

  • Find what you love
  • Love what you do
  • Embrace your values
  • Strive to worship their role in your life