Wisdom of Leadership




As a consultant I have been sharing my wisdom of leadership with others for over 17 years.  There are times when others criticize leaders and their quest for power.  In my opinion, being a true leader has nothing to do with power.


Leadership is a mentality.  To lead others with influence and impact you must think through as many issues as you can.  Double checking to make sure you’ve considered every situation and scenario before finalizing any decision is critical.

Leadership is a practice of behaviors.  The crux of leading is doing the right things, doing them well and doing them consistently.  Your willingness and ability to do what needs to be done and doing it with skill and professionalism is what drives the corporate culture and ultimately your reputation.

Leadership is a noble profession.  Leaders should realize their profession is all about those who have trusted them as a guide.  Leadership is a journey of self-awareness that lasts for your entire career as you discover what others see in you as authentic, trustworthy and compelling.

Finally, leadership is a passion.  Not everyone is born to lead.  Some are content to follow.  Successful leaders have a burning desire to engage others and rally them to achieve greatness.

As I motivate leaders around the country I always remind them, leading is challenging, tiring, and thankless at times, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges!