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Employees would Work an Extra Week for Incentive Program

staplesStaples Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples, Inc., released the results of a survey that found one-third of office workers would be willing to put in an extra week of work each year if it meant their company would implement an incentive program.  Respondents at companies that already have such programs say they are:

  • More Valued (85%)
  • Happier and More Motivated at Work (70%)
  • More Loyal to their Company (65%)
  • More Productive and able to get Better Results (60%)

A staggering 70% of employees at companies without incentive programs say they’d love to work for a company that has one.   In addition to working an extra week each year, these employees would be willing to make other sacrifices if it meant their company would implement an incentive program – 30% say they would take on extra responsibilities, and more than 40% would be in favor of forgoing the annual holiday party.

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ESM: Engagement Strategies Magazine, Nov/Dec 2011

Idea Agent

Anyone who has been surrounded by creative artists, writers or musicians knows creativity often comes along with strong – even conflicted – personalities.  Leading a creative team means harnessing this conflict and managing it to benefit, not detract from, the work.

In Idea Agent, Lina M. Echeverria explains that an understanding of each human being and the way he or she relates to others needs to be the guide.  It continues with being comfortable with conflict and with understanding that arguments and discussion are as essential to science as experimentation itself.

The secret to leading a creative team lies in establishing cultures where leaders exhibit flexibility through:

Responding to needs and identifying opportunities

  • Creating unorthodox career paths and letting people move outside their groups
  • Respecting ideas and needs of the whole self
  • Embracing new ideas
  • Accommodating life-needs
  • Changing directions willingly and abandoning tried-and-true ways

In summary, to excel in breakthrough innovation the leader of the organization must create a culture defined by beliefs, attitudes, energy and continual interaction.  It must be a culture of creative engagement and liberating values.  This will create a network that is vital for innovation.
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The Power of One

smile Blue


One motivated individual can change the course of business.

How did Tony Hsieh turn Zappos into an e-commerce giant?  The answer: He created a culture that took care of the needs of his employees and inspired them to meet the needs of their customers.  Tony motivated Zappos associates to grow personally and professionally, and become full engaged in the corporate vision.  Now ask yourself:

  • Do you have a compelling vision, purpose and values that will inspire, motivate and engage your employees?
  • Is it simple and concise?
  • Do people quickly get it?

Now imagine you do and imagine each and every employee in your organization is totally engaged in the success of your organization.  Now imagine your profits soaring!  To make this happen, call Loyalty Factor at 603-334-3401 to make this happen!

A+ Attitudes

I recently presented the topic Supercharge Your Organization by Hiring for A+ Attitudes for several audiences.  As someone who has hired many people, I can’t say enough about uncovering the candidate’s attitude during the interview process.  Anyone can have the skills needed, but only certain people have the attitude that fits with the organization, the job, and the leadership.

72% of all HR and hiring managers base their hiring decisions on skills and experience despite the fact that 53 – 89% of new hire failures are due to attitudinal issues.

Don’t let this be you.

Make smart hiring choices.

Ask questions, uncover personalities, be choosy.  It’ll pay off!