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Seeking Smiles

Researching A-Smile-Inspiration-Quotes-Photostatistics for a new presentation, I came across the following statistics: Typically a woman smiles 62 times per day, a man averages 8 times per day and children smile/laugh anywhere from 300 – 500 times daily.

Naturally life becomes more serious as we grow up.  We have bills, we have responsibilities, we have worries, we have dependents, we have spouses, we have jobs…this doesn’t mean we should have less fun.

Those who find themselves successful in life aren’t always the individuals netting the highest incomes, but rather those who find joy in the little things, seek a career that envelops their interests, and make it a personal goal to find happiness.

Smiling releases endorphins.  It builds trust with those whom we interact.   It’s contagious.

I challenge you to Smile.  Find a reason.  Or for no reason.  Beat the statistics.  One way or another, you’ll reap the benefits!

Millennials Giving to Charity

This week I read a USA Today article highlighting the generous gifts of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, to various charities over the last several years.  It was mentioned that he was the highest charitable donor in 2013 – a rather remarkable and generous accomplishment.  This is no surprise, as Mark, born in 1984 is a member of Generation Y/Millennials.

Forbes published a statistic in 2013 revealing that “Only 10% of boomers said they plan to increase charitable giving over the next 12 months. By contrast, 21% of Millennial respondents and 18% of Gen Xgen-yers said they will give more.”  The numbers to date are not overwhelming in volume for contributions of Millennials to charity – due in part to the fact they have less to give – but their willingness and intentions are awesome.

Zuckerberg and his wife are one example of these new generations to be socially minded and their inclination to give back.  Whether it is financial or through volunteering, our younger generations have a fabulous quality of caring for others!

Questions for Implementing Change



Type of Leaders

Are you thinking about Change?

Managers implementing incremental change – changes that happen within the context of business as usual – are responsible for making sure the reasons, details, benefits and impact of the change are all mapped out prior to implementation.

I recently developed a list of questions for managers to consider:


  • What is the change?
  • Why is this change needed?
  • What will happen if we do not make the change?
  • What are the benefits of making the change?


  • How will the change benefit the organization?
  • Who will benefit from the changes?
  • When will the positive benefits be felt?


  • Who will be impacted by the proposed changes?
  • What risks are involved in going forward with the changes?
  • Who will suffer from the changes?
  • Will any jobs be eliminated?
  • Who needs to be informed of the changes?
  • What will be different because of the change?
  • Who is losing? And what?


  • What steps are needed in making the change?
  • How can I manage the changes so they are successful?
  • Who do I need to involve?
  • What is the best mode of communication to present changes?

A good change management process offers a clear message, emotional buy-in, targeting the appropriate people, timely delivery, and an open line of two way communication between all involved.  Before you begin making changes, be sure to ask yourself all the questions.  It’ll make everything smoother!

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