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Relationship Economics

What’s the most valuable asset you or your business possesses?  Is it your physical resources?  Your intellectual properties? Your work force?  Your skills and knowledge?  All are important aspects of business success.  But you can’t get the most advantage from any one of them if you don’t make the right strategic investments in your relationships.  It’s called building relational capital. 

David Nour in his book Relationship Economics offers 3 things you can do to build relational capital:


Become More Interesting:

Did you know that only an estimated 27 percent of all Americans have a valid passport?  Travel, whether domestically or abroad, is a perfect opportunity to expand your horizons, provide unique perspectives on very different social styles, and in the process, hopefully provide you with a new outlook on not only how we as US citizens view the world but also how the rest of the world views us.
Build a Personal Brand:

Regardless of your profession, when others engage you, buy from you, work with you, or trust and invest in you, they are in essence buying three things: your product or service, the perception of the company behind the product or service, and the brand called you.


Become Known for Content:

As a mentor often reminds me, “If you don’t toot your own horn, there is no music!”  How are you combining content – your unique ideas, insights and perspectives – with context and applying it to specific situations of others to improve their condition?


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Ski School

I recently had a close friend who experienced extraordinary customer service and the lessons we could all learn from it are too great not to share:

Loyalty Factor

“Several weeks ago I visited a local ski resort with my three children.  I opted to sign my nine year old up for an alpine ski lesson on the last day to improve his seemingly ‘stuck’ form.  Upon delivering him, I requested they put him in a group where he could work on the transition from the pizza wedge to a parallel skier.  His lesson was two hours and when I went to pick him up, his instructor told me he had spent the day in the woods and explained what he “would have taught him”, but “today we just played.”

I was very upset.  I recognized the need for ski school to be fun, but felt they fell short of meeting any educational objectives.  Upon returning from our trip, I sent a note to the ski school director and touched on two points:

1. My disappointment that no instruction or advancing happened during my son’s lesson despite me explicitly stating my goals when dropping off.

2. My concerns about him being led in the woods, the risks, and the repercussions had he encountered a tree during these escapades.

I also requested a refund of the lesson fee I had paid.

Within just 24 hours I received a response acknowledging my e-mail, stating he was in the process of gathering information from his staff, and requesting a telephone call for the following day.  True to his word, I received a call from the ski school the director the following day.  He gathered clarifying information, expressed his disappointment that his school had failed in an attempt to meet our goals, and shared with me the changes he was implementing to prevent issues like this going forward.

Once the director acknowledged their short comings, he expressed that he believed the best response would be for them to ‘try again’ to meet my expressed objectives.  His resolution was to offer my son a private 1.5 hour lesson with a hand-picked instructor.

Here we are, back from the lesson and I am literally dazzled by how my frustrations were handled.  I am not in awe of their process and the transformation of my little skier in just 1.5 hours is remarkable.  More importantly, I am grateful that my feelings were heard.  It would have been very simple for the director to refund my fee.  Instead, he responded by offering a solution that was valued at almost 2 times the amount I originally spent.

His customer focus was perfection. He listened, he heard, he responded.  For him it wasn’t about the money earned or the money lost, it was about my happiness.  They met my goals, they made me happy, they earned a customer for life.  We can’t wait to go back!”


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Dianne Durkin is president and founder of Loyalty Factor, a specialized consulting and training company that enhances employee, customer and brand loyalty for some of the nation’s most prominent corporations and many smaller businesses. Durkin has over 25 years experience in finance, direct sales, international marketing and training and development.

Dianne’s proven expertise lies in helping companies quickly get to the core issues and outlining their impact on the organization’s profits, productivity and people. She authored “The Loyalty Factor: Building Employee, Customer and Brand Loyalty,” and the newly released “The Power of Magnetic Leadership”.


Your Inner Leader

Your “Inner Leader” by Robert Landau

Are you a leader in your life?

A leader envisions a task, and then goes about accomplishing that task in the best way they can.  Motivational leadership happens when others watch a leader facilitating a task and admire the way they go about it and the results they’ve gotten.

Each one of us has an “Inner Leader”.  It comes to the fore when we stand out of its way.  It has everything to do with confidence and positivity.  If you let your “Inner Leader” lead you in life, you will reach the finish line even before you realize that you’ve gotten there.  Leadership is a part of your heartbeat, it’s a part of your breath and it’s who and what you are.

Here are seven easy-to-follow steps to life leadership:

  1. Believe there is a leader within you.
  2. Map out how you will get from A to Z for any task that requires leadership
  3. Believe you can get there
  4. Feel what it’s like already accomplishing the task even though it hasn’t happened yet
  5. Repeat step 4 as often as possible until the results are achieved
  6. Stand out of the way and let it happen
  7. Don’t worry about WHEN your goal will be achieved, just KNOW it will happen when it is supposed to.

Leading is something you came here to do.  It’s your path, it’s your life, it’s your destiny.  All you have to do is stand out of the way!

Dianne Durkin offers personal coaching services and leadership programs to guide individuals to tune into their “Inner Leader”.  Contact Loyalty Factor today to schedule your coaching or training sessions.  603.334.3401


Source:, August 31, 2013