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Generation Z Dreams BIg just recently published an article “The Surprising Thing Gen Z Wants to Do with its Money” and I was happy to read “an astounding 97% of post-millennials believe they will one day own a home; 82% say it is the most important part of the American dream”.
This can be attributed to several things – including growing up during a recession, the wisdom of parents who include their children in financial discussions, and the new drive in education to set kids free with more of a foundation in money matters.
The article goes on to divulge that “three in five teens have already begun saving” – a very impressive feat.
Dreams of owning a home and dedication to saving lend themselves to the assumption that members of Gen Z’s career goals will be motivated by money. Research shows the contrary. As we begin to learn more and more about the aspirations of Gen Z, their entrepreneurial spirit shines through. They value honesty, in-person communication, and a manager who listens more than a higher salary.
As we begin to see Gen Z in the workforce, it’s important to remember, they’re motivated, they have dreams, and they have needs. As managers we need to be aware and responsive to these needs.

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