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Development Puzzle

Info Icon“4 Requirements for Solving the Development Puzzle”, published on by Mary Ann Masarech highlights the missing components in creating a well-equipped and engaged workforce. Employees can be given all the training in the world; however, it is no guarantee that the training will translate into innovation, action, and excitement.
Masarech highlights that although organizations emphasize a more strategic learning approach and the mechanics of HOW people learn, they often overlook one (or more) of the key requirements for successful development and behavior changes.

The 4 requirements of successful development are:
1. Training:
• Useful in filling in knowledge gaps
• Builds a common language across the workforce
• Unable to deliver sustainable workforce performance without individual accountability, manager support and business context
2. Feedback:
• Provides shared context and focus
• Share with employees what they do well and where their role requires an even higher level of effectiveness
• Offer feedback for how individual jobs fit into the bigger organizational picture
3. Coaching:Workplace-diversity
• All employees require support, guidance, and course corrections.
• Managers partnering with employees to generate development plans are able to provide more strategic, effective and efficient coaching
• Managers can identify learning opportunities outside of the published curriculum, including mentoring and cross-training
4. Motivation
• Personal commitment from employees is critical
• Focusing on employees’ values and what matters most to them allows employees to better manage their personal growth and maintain momentum when obstacles arise.

For individual assistance in incorporating all four requirements into your training and development initiatives, contact Dianne Durkin of Loyalty Factor at 603.334.3401.