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Tire Troubles

Type of LeadersThis morning I brought my car in for a new tire because the existing one had a “bubble”.  My car has only 10,000 miles and the tires are the originals.  I called the customer service line for the tire company and they informed me of the process to return the bad tire.

I went to the garage the tire company recommended and encountered a bit of trouble and a process that seemed a little daunting and overwhelming for tires that were well under their warranty.

The brand of tires on my car is a reliable and has been around for over 100 years and yet the process to cash in on the fabulous warranty almost discourages consumers from doing so.  Initially I was told to purchase a new tire, mail my existing tire back and then wait to see what the conclusion of their assessment is. 

When all is said and done, is it worth the trouble?  The technician at the auto shop definitely tried to discourage it and offered little sympathy.  He was happy to get the sale of a new tire and would have rather avoided the warranty issue.

I began pondering this warranty, the reliability of the tire company, and the role the auto shop has in my consideration of tires the next time I need to purchase them.  The tire didn’t last.  Their warranty is a challenge.  My image of the brand has been brought down by not only the performance of the tire, but also by the gentleman servicing my car.

I returned two hours later to retrieve my car, only to discover the shop would charge me only half price for the tire, taking into consideration what they believed the value of the damaged tire would be.  Success!  Warranty paid for something!

Organizations with solid reputations can’t ride those reputations until the end of time.  Constant work needs to be done to maintain the trust of consumers.  Your product and those representing your brand both matter immensely.  Customer service was sure nice on the phone and offered a ‘solution’ but the solution proved to be a great, big hassle.   If I hadn’t put up a fight, I probably would have had to follow the proposed process and wait.

Everything worked out for me in the end.  However, next time I need some tires – I might stray away from this brand and give another company a chance to prove their customer-focus and hope they have more seamless, hassle-free warranty.

Dianne Durkin is presDD-Queen-of-Loyalty-2011ident and founder of Loyalty Factor, a specialized consulting and training company that enhances employee, customer and brand loyalty for some of the nation’s most prominent corporations and many smaller businesses. Durkin has over 25 years experience in finance, direct sales, international marketing and training and development.

Dianne’s proven expertise lies in helping companies quickly get to the core issues and outlining their impact on the organization’s profits, productivity and people. She authored “The Loyalty Factor: Building Employee, Customer and Brand Loyalty,” and the newly released “The Power of Magnetic Leadership: It’s


Information Exchange – The Environmental Crisis Part 2




How can leaders ensure their business “weathers the storms” of the environmental crisis? Sustainable operations, coping with a shortage of natural resources and their rising costs will drive the need for innovation, creativity, and change.
The main challenges for business leaders include:
• Transformational thinking – Strategies, structures, decision making, operations, cultures, processes and procedures must all evolve to minimize environmental impact. Innovation will be necessary on a massive scale. Creative, strategic and conceptual thinking will be critical leadership skills.
• Execution – Change initiatives rarely fail at the conception stage; successful execution is what so often eludes organizations. Leaders with a track record in delivering business change will be prized.
• Visionary Communication – As agents of transformation, leaders will need to inspire employees to strive to achieve the new, sustainable organization. And they will need to spell out with total clarity what it means in practical, everyday terms for individuals’ roles and performance.
• New forms of collaboration – The intellectual power to deal with climate change will be beyond any one leader or even organization. Collaborations across functions and with external partners will become essential. Competitors will be forced to come together to find shared solutions.
Dianne Durkin, founder of Loyalty Factor, has a plethora of leadership programs to help guide your leaders through this transition. Contact Loyalty Factor at to schedule a personal consultation with Dianne Durkin to receive a free proposal for a leadership program specifically created for your organization.

Information Exchange – The Environmental Crisis Part 1

In Leadership 2030 Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell highlight six megatrends facing businesses as we move into the future.  They believe the megatrend with the most profound impact is the environmental crisis.    The five essential points of the crisis are:

  1. Climate change is real and almost irreversible.
  2. Critical resources are being depleted.  Peak oil supply from conventional sources was reached in 2006.  Water shortages are becoming increasingly drastic.  Rare earth minerals – essential to modern technology – are becoming scarcer, more expensive, and more difficult to reach.
  3. The implications for business and leaders are potentially catastrophic.  At best, this means drastically reduced margins and at worst, deep global recession and social turmoil.
  4. Carbon footprint moves from social responsibility to bottom line.  Organizations will need to embed environmental awareness into their processes and decision making in order to create a culture and operations that minimize environmental impact.
  5. Leaders will need to think transformationally to achieve this, communicate a clear rationale for such radical change, and ensure that they execute the vision.

How should businesses respond to this environmental crisis?  Leaders will need to create sustainable operations and cope with rising costs of resources that are drying up. 

To learn more about the six megatrends facing business leaders today, contact Dianne Durkin today at 603.334.3401 to book her to deliver her newest topic “Becoming Altrocentric: Transforming your Leadership to Conquer Future Trends”